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The end file tree should look like:
(Note:I tried booting the ISO, but it only worked when I used x64 and that required keyboard interaction, so I prefer this way as it specifies what to do, IE: No interaction required @ boot)

??? tftp
    ??? pmagic
    ?   ??? bzImage64
    ?   ??? default
    ?   ??? files.cgz
    ?   ??? fu.img
    ?   ??? initrd.img
    ?   ??? m64.img
    ??? pxelinux.0
    ??? pxelinux.cfg
        ??? default -> ../pmagic/default

1) Place ISO named "pmagic.iso" in /tmp/

2) Run this long command to end up with a folder called pmagic with all your needed goodies!

 sudo mkdir /tmp/cdrom ; sudo mount -oloop pmagi*.iso /tmp/cdrom && sudo sh /tmp/cdrom/boot/pxelinux/ && sudo mkdir pmagic && sudo cp cdrom/pmagic/bzImage64 pmagic/ && sudo cp cdrom/pmagic/initrd.img pmagic/ && sudo cp cdrom/pmagic/fu.img pmagic/ && sudo cp cdrom/pmagic/m64.img pmagic/ && sudo cp pm2pxe/files.cgz pmagic/ && sudo umount cdrom && sudo rm pmagic.iso && sudo rmdir cdrom && sudo rm pm2pxe -R && sudo sh -c 'echo "DEFAULT pmagic64\nLABEL pmagic64\nLINUX pmagic/bzImage64\nINITRD pmagic/initrd.img,pmagic/fu.img,pmagic/m64.img,pmagic/files.cgz\nAPPEND edd=on vga=normal" >> /tmp/pmagic/default' && sudo chmod 777 pmagic -R

3) Moves pmagic directory to /srv/tftp and create a symlink to default in a folder called pxelinux.cfg

sudo mv pmagic/ /srv/tftp/ && sudo mkdir /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg ; sudo ln -s /srv/tftp/pmagic/default /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg/default

#pmagic/default Contents:

 DEFAULT pmagic64
LABEL pmagic64
LINUX pmagic/bzImage64
INITRD pmagic/initrd.img,pmagic/fu.img,pmagic/m64.img,pmagic/files.cgz
APPEND edd=on vga=normal

5) The DNSMasq TFTP/PXE related Configs:

sudo nano /etc/dnsmasq.conf && sudo service dnsmasq restart

Add to bottom:

tftp-root=/srv/tftp        #CHANGE IF YOU DON'T USE THE SAME TFTP ROOT

Test and Profit!

Bonus: Customize PMagic to Autostart VNC Server @ boot!

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