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Note: It took me longer to install HassIO VMDK then it did to realize I hate it.... growing ever frustrated at the install process for Home-Assistant w/ Add-On Store. Going to try a dedicated VM w/ unofficial supervised install script.

Install HassIO via VMware Workstation


Download VMDK, extract from archive and create new VM.


Type = Linux
“Other Linux 5.x or later kernel 64-bit”
After creation, switch Firmware to UEFI

Login via 'root' no password

Find IP via 'ip addr'

It takes time to install, but you can visit HA via


Note: I had to reboot once to get a "loading screen". God knows if it was doing anything, or how long I waited before I just rebooted (was about to give up, but it came to life after a reboot and less than 5 minutes.)

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