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YouTube = Trailers 
PlayRandom = Random Vidoes (Options, Enable Play One Random) 


- Install Repo to get updates in future
- Download ZIP and install per usual, will need to allow "unknown sources"


- If you have separate movie folders in Plex you need to customize shortcuts, different for each skin

Settings - Skin Settings - Configure shortcuts - Edit menu shortcuts / Add (or Change) Shortcut 
Then pick the correct Plex library, e.g. 
Video Library - Movies (with a Plex icon) - Movies 
or sometimes also 
Video Library - Video Add-On - PlexKodiConnect - Movies 

- I use Direct Paths w/ Custom SMB Replacements since my Plex Server is a VM which accesses the files over NFS on my main "FileServer" which also exports via SMB

In my exmaple I used the following:





Cloud being the name in smb conf inside the square brackets[] and the root of my FileServer

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