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The trick is to find lights that use "Magic Home" app, or more specifically, "WiFi Controllers" (any LED strip should work).

Then I had to setup static IP's because the "automatic" setup defaults to RBGW and I only got cheap RBG. After that I setup devices like so:

  - platform: flux_led
        name: StoveTopLED
        mode: "rgb"
        name: LivingRoomLED
        mode: "rgb"

And an automation like this:

  effect: rb_cross_fade
entity_id: light.stovetopled
service: light.turn_on


Effect NameDescription
colorloopSmoothly transitions through the rainbow.
colorjumpJumps through seven different rainbow colors.
colorstrobeStrobes each rainbow color in a loop.
red_fade, green_fade, blue_fade, yellow_fade, cyan_fade, purple_fade, white_fadeFades between the color as indicated in the effect name and black.
rg_cross_fadeFades between red and green.
rb_cross_fadeFades between red and blue.
gb_cross_fadeFades between green and blue.
red_strobe, green_strobe, blue_strobe, yellow_strobe, cyan_strobe, purple_strobe, white_strobeStrobes the color indicated by the effect name.
randomChooses a random color by selecting random values for R, G, and B.
customCustom effect (if defined, see below).
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