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HA automatically configures some things for you when it finds a Roku TV, but a few things need to be added to configuration.yaml for extra features.

Shell Command to Open YouTube to Music:

Note: I tried in vain to find ways to randomize this URL, search by string etc, ended up getting banned via CLI via googler/youtube-dl etc. Best option I looked for was a URL like below which is a "Live" station, so should be changing always.

#Shell Commands
 roku_youtube: "curl -X POST"

Automation To Run "roku_youtube":

data: {}
entity_id: media_player.tvname
service: shell_command.roku_youtube

Automation To Turn On/Off:

data: {}
entity_id: media_player.tvname
service: media_player.turn_on

Automation To Select Source:

  source: 837
entity_id: media_player.tvname
service: media_player.select_source

Note: YouTube is always the same API_ID of "837"

Find Source API_ID via:

curl http://IP_NOT_DNS:8060/query/apps
<app id="12" version="3.1.6014">Netflix</app>
<app id="13" version="4.10.13">Amazon Instant Video</app>
<app id="2016" version="3.2.7">Crackle</app>
<app id="2285" version="2.7.6">Hulu Plus</app>
<app id="13842" version="1.3.2">VUDU</app>
<app id="28" version="3.1.7">Pandora</app>

Lovelace YAML:

  - entity: media_player.tvname
title: TV
type: entities

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