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This is related to a corrupted known_hosts file, generally a new line character.

But ssh user@hostname doesn't help you figure out which line is the issue.

Try using ssh-key -f "~/.ssh/known_hosts" -R <hostname>



root@jackson:~/.ssh# ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R vertex
buffer_get_ret: trying to get more bytes 7 than in buffer 2
buffer_get_string_ret: buffer_get failed
key_from_blob: can't read key type
key_read: key_from_blob AAAAB3Nz failed
line 10 invalid key: |1|frpMH8CpsRplzcHhR1P7R0ktEoQ=|mMYvdIry...

Once you find Offending Line:

sed -i '10d' ~/.ssh/known_hosts
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