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If you used Media Creation Tool you will have to convert install.esd to install.img

Convert ESD to IMG via PowerShell (dism)

- Extract install.esd from /sources/install.esd to C:\ISO\

Run the following:

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:C:\ISO\install.esd

Note Index #: for version you want to use:

Eg: Number is 6

Index : 6
Name : Windows 10 Education
Description : Windows 10 Education
Size : 15,746,024,004 bytes

Convert to IMG, But be sure to use correct SourceIndex number

dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:C:\ISO\install.esd /SourceIndex:6 /DestinationImageFile:C:\ISO\install.wim /Compress:Max /CheckIntegrity
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    Dism functionality has been added to powershell Get-Command | Where Source -EQ Dism -> Returns list of Available Commands See: